About me

I’m an webdesigner living in the Netherlands, with a background in Industrial Design Engineering and tiny bit of theoretical physics. The templatemaker.nl combines all three interests: as a webdesigner, I like fiddling with PHP and JavaScript, as an Industrial Designer I enjoy making functional objects and the small background in physics comes in handy when crunching the maths for projects like the cone or the sphere.

About this site

It’s a spare time project: just for-fun and not for-profit. I started coding it when I got bored of drawing a new box by hand everytime I needed one.


Ideas and suggestions are very welcome! Contact me using the contact form at www.ideogram.nl

Software and technnology

Credit where credit is due:

  • PDF’s are generated using the FPDF library
  • Flag Icons by WhoIsHostingThis.com
  • English and Dutch are written by me & “my better half”.

    Thanks to Tobias, Jingyan Zhang ( 张婧妍 ), Eddier Mauricio Achury Muñoz, Maria Marczak, Madara Mikuda-Rupeika, Patricia Haddad, Anastasia (Анастасия) and Jonathan-David Schröder for their help. Among others.