Privacy Policy Statement

I care about your privacy. I don’t like Big Corporations spying on me and I can only assume you don’t like it either.

Yet, if you visit my site, some information might be gathered and used, so let me explain what this information is and how it is used.


Benign cookies are used for marketing and making money. If you give me your mail address, I will only use it to communicate with you. If you give me a donation, a record of it is kept at PayPal and Ko-Fi.

In detail

I use Google Ads to make some money from my website. This allows me to spend a day or two per month on templatemaker.nl and to pay for hosting the site. Google Ads does not set tracking cookies as I explicitly disabled this setting. However, Google Ads still uses other types of cookies. Google has its own Privacy Policy for its policies on user data. For easier access, I provide a link to their Privacy Policies:

I use Google Analytics to keep track of how many users visit my visit and where they are from. Google Analytics also sets cookies to be able to tell if a user has visited my site before. Also here, I disabled “tracking cookies”. I do not see or store any personal individual information in the Google Analytics platform.

My templates are featured a lot on Pinterest. To stimulate that, I added Pinterest-buttons everywhere. From the Personalization and data page on Pinterest:

If you go to a site that has the Save button or a Pinterest widget, Pinterest can use info about that visit to personalize your experience back on Pinterest, to measure ad effectiveness, and for other purposes described in our cookie policy.

Visit their Privacy Policy to learn more.

The other social media links (on the left side of the window) don’t set any cookies. They are just that: plain links, no JavaScript. That being said, I have (of course) no control over what these platforms do after you clicked on the link and landed on their site.

Donations are handled by Ko-Fi and by by PayPal. If you give me a “coffee” (thanks!), I will receive an e-mail with your name and e-mail address, provided to me by PayPal. I do not use this information and I will delete this e-mail straight away. You can choose to leave a message together with the donation (I love to read those!). In that case, your reaction and the name you provided will be shown at the Ko-Fi site. PayPal will keep a record of the the transaction, which I can access but which I will not use. Please, refer to their respective privacy policies:

Ofcourse, if you subscribe to my mailinglist, I need your e-mail address to “keep you posted”. For the moment, this is handled by TinyLetter (which is part of Mailchimp). TinyLetter only stores your e-mail address, nothing else. I use your e-mail address for sending you notifications on changes to templatemaker and maybe on similar sites by me. Your mail address will not be shared with any other party.

Some translators send me their e-mail address with the translation. The mail address is only stored in my e-mail client as part of the mail that contains the translation. I will use this mail address to communicate with you about the translation, for example to say "thanks!". When you write the translation, your work is stored on your own computer as a special kind of cookie called ‘Local Storage’. Only the translation is stored, no personal information is stored.

If you contact me through my site, you can choose to leave your mail address behind. This mail address is stored on my mail client and I use it to reply to you. Of course, if you send me more personal information in the message, then that will get stored on my mail client too.