A typical paper bag that can be stored completely flat. This template can be used to create both a cute little goodie bag, a large grocery bag or a wine bag.

The top of the bag is folded inside for reinforcement. If you don't want this, you can set the Fold parameter to 0(zero).

Æske med låg

En æske med låg – helt enkelt. Højden på låget og afstanden mellem låg og æske (sluppen) kan vælges frit.

Kile(kage)formet æske

A triangle-shaped box that can be used to store pieces of cake. The box consists of a lower part, the base tray, and an upper part, the lid (or the cover). The tray, does not need glue because it will be locked by the lid. Hence, it could be used to store and serve food. Because the base tray is not folded, it is easy to add or remove the pastry.

By default, the cover is 5% larger then the tray but this can be adjusted in the expert settings.

The Angle is a measure for how big a piece of cake can fit in. Look in the figure if you don't know what to enter here. For example, an angle of 30º is large enough for 1 piece from a 12-piece cake. The Length is the length of the piece, which should be about half the diameter of the complete cake. But, be sure to add quite some allowance here.

Spillekort æske

En høj, smal æske. God til chokolade, spillekort og lign. Standardstørrelsen er fin til et sæt almindelige spillekort (bridge-størrelse).


Coffin- or casket-shaped box for Halloween, decoration or maybe for a deceased pet. Do you want to serve your “trick or treat candy” in style? Present the candy in this coffin!

This design consists of a base tray and a lid (or cover). By default, the cover is 7% larger then the tray but this can be adjusted using the Clearance. For ease of use, Clearance is set as a percentage.

Both the tray and the lid are made by folding an extra layer of paper inward. This makes the design extra sturdy and allows you to have the same color on the outside as on the inside.

Use some extra Scotch® tape to secure the lid to the box, or it might open at midnight… allowing the content to wander around your house. Mwhahahaha!


A cone, optionally with the top cut off. (In that case, it's called a frustum). Can be used to help create the geometry for a beaker, vase, party hat or lamp shade. If you'd like a real cone, just use 0(zero) for the Top Diameter.

Do not score or fold the glue flap in this template to keep the geometry at the seam smooth.

An extra construction line is drawn at the center of the cone to assist in adding graphics or lettering.

If your printer is too small, the cone can be reconstructed by drawing two concentric arcs using a compass. The radii are given in the print-out.

Disk display

En åben æske. Ubrugelig som forsendelse, men god til at opbevare og udstille ting i.

Curved Box

A box similar to the ”card box”, but with curved sides. The curved sides make this box an eye catcher, making it well suited for luxury products. Think of perfume, jewelry, baby clothes, soap,…

The value for Curve Size can be either positive or negative. Notice though, that if the front and the back panels look ”thick”, the side panels will always look ”thin” and vice versa.

You can enter any value, but do not make the Curve Size too large, or the box will break or buckle when folded. Be aware that the Length and the Width do not take the curve size into account, so the actual space will be a bit less.

Egg Shaped Box

A __egg__straordinary box-with-lid in the shape of an egg. Perfect as an Easter box! The egg can be pointy or blunt, round or elongated. Look at the __egg__samples to get an idea of what these values do.

This design consists of a base tray and a lid. By default, the cover is 3% larger then the tray but this can be adjusted using the Clearance. For ease of use, Clearance is set as a percentage.

The template consists of six parts: three for the base and three for the lid. The base and the lid each consist of a tube and two caps. The caps form two layers, one on the inside and one on the outside, with the glue flaps sandwiched between them.

The one on the outside is slightly larger than the given diameter in order to neatly cover the base and the lid. The one on the inside is slightly smaller, to compensate for the sturdiness of the paper or cardstock. This difference in size is given by Extra Offset for Caps.

Do not make the box too high, because the paper might lose its shape the further it is from the cap.

Enough daddy egg yolks.

Oval æske

En variation over den runde æske.: En oval (eller ellipseformet) æske. Skabelonen indeholder også et låg.


Classical letter envelope, most often used for personal letters or cards. Print the template on a piece of colorful paper and you will have your own personal envelope for a card for a wedding, birthday, invitation, get well message…

The template is rotated to make the most economic use of the paper. Because of this, you can just about make a A6-size envelope out of an A4-sized sheet of paper.

Exploding Box

A box consisting of a tray and a lid. The sides of the tray are not glued, but kept together by the lid. Once the lid is removed, the box "explodes” as the sides fall outward.

Nice for packing presents or just make a surprise with a small exploding box in a larger exploding box in an even larger exploding box!

Gem Stone Box

Gem Stone shaped box, consisting of two identical polygonal pyramids, glued together at their bases. It's a very decorative box box that can actually used for packaging. When suspended by a chord, a box like this could be mistaken for a Christmas ornament.

It can be stored (and shipped) completely flat. When you pull the two pieces (“tops”) apart, the box will get its full shape. It's easiest to glue this shape when both halves are flat. Just fold the glue tabs all the way in and glue the top to the bottom. Just remember not to glue the rounded flaps.

Gift Box

En almindelig gaveæske. Brug den hvis siderne på din æske ikke afviger for meget fra hinanden.

Heart Shaped Box

Ahem… en hjerteformet æske. Ikke fordi jeg er specielt vild med Valentines Dag, men fordi Nirvanas tredje album er konge. Æsken er ikke fuldstændig lukket, de buede sider er ikke limet til bunden. Se flere billeder under . NB! Bredden kan ikke være større end længden. Hvis du prøver vil bredden automatisk være lig med længden.


En æskeformet konvolut


The Match Box is a simple tray-and-sleeve box to pack accessories, dolls, candles, clothes, flower seeds, etc.

The Length, Width and Height determine the geometry of the tray. The Clearance is added twice and to both the height and width. The tray can be assembled without glue, although a little glue won't hurt, of course.


Tube-shaped box with a gusseted opening. This model will not be water tight if you make it at home, though! Nice for packing chocolate sprinkles. Or make a house of this template. Or even a street full of different sized houses.

Cylinder med skrå ender

Tube, pipe, cylinder or toilet roll core. Optionally “mitered”, which means it is truncated at an angle.

With default settings, this template gives a standard toilet roll. You can also choose to have a “mitered” cylinder, with different Miter Angles for the top and the bottom and with a Twist between these two. Use these settings if you need to create tubes that are welded (or glued) together at an angle.

Cone (mitered)

A cone mitered by two planes at a custom angle. These Mitering Angles must be quite small. If the template looks really weird, check these mitering angles.

(Only circular and elliptical cone-sections are allowed. Parabolic and hyperbolic cross sections are not possible with this template.)

The Top Miter Angle and the Bottom Miter Angle lie within the same plane: the “twist“ parameter as present in the mitered cylinder is not (yet) implemented.

Æske af løse sider

En ganske almindelig æske, men samlet af 6 løsdele. Det giver mulighed før større æsker hvis du kun kan printe i begrænset størrelse.

Nestable Tray

A basic tray with glued sides and a draft angle. Because of the draft angle, the trays can be nested. This makes this model ideal as an organizer for storing small items. Think of beads, LEGO, ...

Use for Draft Angle if you want a straight sides, but use a larger value if you want trays that can be stacked into each other.

The Length and Width are measured at the top, so when you use a non-zero Draft Angle, the dimensions at the bottom will be smaller.

If you choose too large a value for the Draft Angle or too small a value for the Height, then draft angle will be adjusted by the program.


Rektangulære former er keeedelige. Hipstere foretrækker parallellepipeder. Parallellepipeden er en æske der “krænger” i 3 dimensioner.


A glue-less, hollow, double-walled tray with a broad frame. Can be used as a photo frame (a.k.a. passepartout), as a shadow box or as an insert for the “Shallow Box” or the “Match Box”. It's a stylish yet affordable way to create a frame for your pictures. Exactly in the right size and ad-hoc!

The model consists of two pieces: a frame and an extra piece of paper to squeeze into it. Because of this, the frame will look almost seamless.

Enter the dimension of the “inner space” (the size of the picture or object to display) using the Picture Length and Picture Width parameters. The Frame Depth determines how thick the picture might be. The Frame Width determines how broad the frame will be and the Height determines how thick the entire model will be.

Note that the final model will be larger than the values you entered for Picture Width and Picture Height, because of the width of the border of the frame.

The model can be constructed without using glue, although a bit of glue won't hurt.

When used as an insert, you might not need the inner part.

For assembly instructions, have a look at the YouTube-movie

Pudeformet æske

Lad os tilføre siden her lidt lækre kurver… med en pudeformet æske. Vær opmærksom på, at bredden skal være mindst dobbelt så stor som højden.

The Platonic Solids

Models of all five so-called Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solids are the five regular convex polyhedra. The Cube is the most famous one, of course, although he likes to be called “hexahedron” among friends. Also the other platonic solids are named after the number of faces (or hedra) they have: Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron.

There is only parameter:the Diameter of the midsphere. The midsphere is the sphere from the center of the object that touches all the edges exactly in the middle.

Polygonformet æske

Tube-shaped (or prismatic) box with gusseted, integrated lid and a regular polygon as base. This template can be used to create a triangular box, a square box or a box in the shape of a pentagon, hexagon,… et cetera. This box is very decorative and ideal for gift wrapping odd-shaped presents.

The lid uses both mountain and valley folds. The glue tabs on the bottom fit together precisely. The lid will fold easier if you remove some material from the place where the five fold lines meet.

Polygonal Box with Lid

Tube-shaped (prismatic) box-with-lid with a regular polygon as a base. This template can be used to create a triangular box, a square box or a box in the shape of a pentagon, hexagon,… etcetera.

This design consists of a base tray and a lid. The Inner Diameter and the Number of Sides determine the dimensions of the base tray. By default, the cover is 5% larger then the tray but this can be adjusted using the Clearance. For ease of use, Clearance is set as a percentage.

Polygonal Pyramid

A pyramid shape with custom height and a regular polygon as base.

The Outer Diameter and the Number of Sides determine the dimensions of the base. This model does not make a box, because it can't be opened without destroying the glued flaps.


Alle kan få brug for at begrave en Farao. Og så er det belejligt med en pyramide.

Rhombeformet æske med låg

En rhombeformet æske. Alle fire sider har den samme længde.

Rund æske (hatteæske)

En cylinderformet æske. God som hatteæske eller blot som opbevaringsæske. Hvis du ikke har brug for låget, kan du nøjes med at printe første del (første side).

Shallow Box

A basic box, much like the “Card Box” and the ”Gift Box”. This specific template is most economical for boxes that have small height compared to both the width and the length, for example a box for a tart or a pizza.

Templatemaker.nl will try to adjust “impossible” values. Be aware of this when, for example, the thumb hole or glue flaps have dimensions that you don't expect.

Soma Cube

Collection of the 7 concave polycubes with 4 or less cubes. These seven pieces together can form the SOMA cube. That is, if you manage to solve the puzzle. The SOMA cube was invented by the Danish mathematician and poet Piet Hein.

The only parameter that can be entered is the Unit Cell Length, which refers to the size of one cube.


Denne skabelon bliver opdelt i segmenter som alle er ens. Samles til en kugle (eller globus).


Star shape with arbitrary thickness and number of points. Make your own Christmas stars! Use small ones as Christmas tree decoration or make a big one to put behind the window.

The generator will create one spike template for every point of the star. The glue flaps are made double, so you can glue them like this: _/\_ (Think 'namaste'!). If you do not want double glue flaps, choose size 0 (zero) for Glue Flap Size (Odd flaps).

You can use this template to recreate a paper version of the flag of Nepal (12 points), Azerbaijan (8 points) or the European Union (12 stars with 5 points). If you decide to recreate the flag of the USA, then you might need to block a week in your diary.

Star Box

A box in the form of a star. Use it as a Christmas decoration, or to pack your Christmas gifts.

The Number of Points can be chosen freely, but 5 is ideal. Fewer or more is certainly possible. The Height will determine whether it will be a flat or a thick star.

The folds are a bit origami-like, score them well and make sure the star is reasonably thick.


A box in the shape of a trapezoid, also called a trapezoidal prism or a trapezoidagon. A typical use for this model is a box for luxury pralines (chocolates).

This box can be used to create a range of shapes. (See the examples in the pictures.) The top of the box can even be smaller than the bottom. You can even mix the two basic shapes! For the latter, look at the yellow box in the gallery.

You can also make a paper gold bar by using yellow or gold paper. (Or gold pressed latinum, if you prefer.)

Tray Insert

This tray can be used as a box insert for thin items. Use this template to create a box insert that locks an item safely in the center of a box. For example a mobile phone, booklet or fancy lighter.

It leaves some extra space for a thumb hole, so it's easy to retrieve it.

This is only the tray insert, you can use another template for the box around it ('Box with lid', 'Match box', 'Shallow box', ...)

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